How Proposition 16 Could Help Enable Equal Opportunity For All

Now is the time for voters to not only accept the ugly truth of America’s past, but to also take action to dismantle racism. There are systemic barriers holding us back as a nation, including states that continue to enforce bans on Affirmative Action. These bans further perpetuate systemic racism and formalize discrimination against women, Black, Latino and Asian people, all of whom have endured injustice in this country for far too long.

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Cal Matters

Prop. 16 will level the playing field for women and communities of color

For too long, we as a country have under-invested and under-resourced Black, Latino and Indigenous communities – leading to less access to health care and dramatic health care disparities. We see these effects in the ravages of COVID-19: economic inequality, structural racism and public health failures have translated to exponentially higher infection and death rates in the Black, Latino and Indigenous communities.

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