Become a Grassroots Fundraiser!

Our campaign is a people powered one and it’ll be up to every one of us to help get us across the finish line this November! You can now create an individual donation page to fundraise among your friends, family, and community on behalf of Yes On Prop 16.

What you need to know:

  • Individual ActBlue pages are a great way to engage with your own network to raise money for Yes on Prop 16!
  • Just like with volunteering, your friends and family are much more likely to get involved or donate if the ask comes from you.
  • As a Grassroots Fundraiser you should set goals for how much you want to raise and are able to track your progress to that goal!
  • You don’t have to do it alone: with this link, you can invite other supporters to create their own donation pages with minimal management from campaign staff.

If you’re interested in creating individual fundraising pages you must first log in or create an ActBlue account and follow the instructions below.

How to create your individual fundraising page: 

  1. Create or log into your ActBlue account
  2. Click here to create your own fundraising page for Yes on Prop 16
  3. Create a custom URL that tells people about you                                          
  4. Customize the form title and form ask to make it more personal              
  5. Click “GET STARTED”  to be taken to your new fundraising page
  6. Share your custom fundraising page with your network by email or post on social media and let everyone know why you are fundraising to support #YesOnProp16 
  7. Once you’ve shared your link you can monitor your fundraising progress here 

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