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The fight for racial and gender equality is on the ballot.

By ending California’s ban on affirmative action, voting YES on Proposition 16 levels the playing field so we can all succeed.

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What is Prop 16?

In California, we believe in giving everyone, regardless of race or gender, an equal shot at fair wages, good jobs, and quality schools. But we’re not there yet. Women and people of color still face discrimination in hiring, employment, contracting, and education.

California is one of only nine states that bans affirmative action as a tool to fight discrimination. Proposition 16 is our chance to change that by ending the ban and expanding opportunity for all.

Who's With Us

Kamala Harris
Gavin Newsom
Bernie Sanders
Patrisse Cullors
Dolores Huerta
Bernice King

Fighting Discrimination

The rich and powerful in California control access to lucrative careers, top universities, state contracts, and other opportunities, and people that don’t have the same networks or insider access are passed over. Latinos make up over half of our state’s public school students but just 25 percent of University of California undergraduate students. Proposition 16 is a tool to begin dismantling structural racism and sexism.

Equal Opportunities For All

We all do better when we all have equal chances to succeed. But women in California earn less than 80 cents for every dollar white men make – and for women of color and single moms it’s even worse. It’s unfair, and it hurts families and our economy. Proposition 16 offers a path to fair treatment for all.

Leveling the Field

In states that allow affirmative action, women and people of color compete on equal footing for jobs, promotions, and contracts. Without affirmative action, small businesses in California owned by women and people of color lose out to bigger, wealthier companies for government contracts. Proposition 16 will give women and people of color a fair shot to succeed.

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Join us in the fight to ensure equal opportunity in California!

We’re ready to make history this year — but we need all hands on deck if we want to make sure Proposition 16 passes this November.

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