Repeal Proposition 209

Join Us to Create Opportunity for All!

The Opportunity For All Coalition celebrates the historic passage of ACA 5 by the California State Legislature, allowing California voters to reinstate affirmative action. For the first time in a generation, Californians will have the opportunity to vote to repeal Proposition 209 and reinstate affirmative action statewide.

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California voters want to stand up for California values

Fighting Discrimination

Repealing Prop. 209 would create the opportunity to make real progress on restoring the ability for the State of California to consider race and gender with the goal of eliminating discrimination in state contracts, hiring and college admissions.

Shared Success, Opportunities

We can’t have shared success without shared opportunity. Close to 25 years have passed and it’s time for Californians to express their views about remedies for gender bias and racism.

We need a level playing field

California is one of only 8 states that outlaws policies that promote equal opportunity for all. ACA 5 will undo that harm.

Repealing Prop. 209 would mean:

Women and people of color earn equal wages for equal work

More state contracts will be awarded to MWBEs

Young adults of color will have access to a quality higher education

A Bold Solution to Level the Playing Field

The time is now to seize that political will and support the movement to repeal Proposition 209.